Cancer Screening for $4.00 or Less

Cancer Screening for $4.00 or Less

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Why cancer screening should scare you more than the cancer itself

Cancer screening is detecting cancer through various tests, before the disease manifests itself through tell-tale symptoms. As early detection typically implies a better prognosis, cancer screening is part of nearly all periodic health exams.

Standard cancer screening methods fall in 4 broad categories:

1. Physical exam
2. Laboratory tests
3. Imaging procedures
4. Genetic tests

These methods, although well established and mainstream means of cancer screening, still have their shortcomings. Most screening tests pose risks, and serious ones at that. Read about usual cancer screening risks at Screening tests have risks.

Whole-body screening, touted as the all inclusive and painless method of detecting hidden cancers early, comes with its own hazards. If high level radiation (500-1000 times that of a typical chest x-ray) that a patient is subjected to during a whole-body scan is not bad enough, that whole-body scanning may produce inaccurate results in up-to 52% of all cases makes it unattractive and possibly avoidable. Read about the risks involved with this popular screening method at Myth: Whole-body screening is an effective way to detect hidden cancers.

Exorbitant price tags of these tests is another point of concern.

Alternative cancer screening

As most mainstream cancer screening tests are either ‘risk prone and expensive’ or target only one cancer, alternative, all-inclusive cancer screening tests like Navarro test are gaining popularity.

Navarro test is considered quite reliable and is affordable to boot. This test has its basis in the theory that all cancers result in abnormal quantities of HCG hormone that can be detected by qualitative and quantitative methods. Navarro test measures the HCG level in urine quantitatively.

Do It Yourself Cancer Screening for $4.00 or Less

A standard Navarro test would cost you $96.90 or more and results are available within 4-6 weeks. But if you just need to check for presence of HCG in urine as a possible cancer indicator, there is a cheaper version that will cost you just $4.00 or less and get you results in less than 3 minutes.

HCG production is significantly increased during pregnancy as well. All pregnancy kits test for presence of HCG in urine. So, it is possible to check for HCG in urine with an over the counter pregnancy kit. Pregnancy kits have different sensitivity values. Some can detect HCG levels of 20mIU/ml of urine while others may detect 25mIU/ml and still others only 50mIU/ml.

As normal level of HCG is less than 5mIU/ml of urine, it is wise to get a test with better sensitivity. The highest advertised sensitivity for these tests is 20mIU/ml of urine. Their availability may vary in different countries but you can always go to your nearest pharmacy and look for most sensitive tests yourself. Equate pregnancy test available at walmart costs just $4.00 and can detect 25 mIU/ml of HCG in urine.

Alternatively, you can buy pregnancy test strips from Amazon. This 5 tests pack costs $ 2.85 + $ 1.99 for shipping and has 56 reviews with average 4.5 rating. This 10 tests pack costs $ 2.73 + $ 1.95 for shipping but there are no reviews yet. Both tests are very sensitive and can detect 20 mIU/ml of HCG.


The test is inaccurate if a patient is pregnant, has used birth control pills or female hormones in the previous two months, has a badly deteriorated liver or if the urine contains more than 100cc of albumen or a moderate amount of blood. The Navarro test precautions apply here as well.

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